Full-service design and marketing agency based in East & West Midlands delivering solutions to startups, SMEs and large corporations.

Kaizen Studio Limited, Design and Marketing Agency, East & West Midlands UK

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Design and Marketing Agency delivering all things brand, print and digital. We allow you to stand out with industry-leading solutions for continuous growth and results.

Whether you’re a startup, SME or large corporation, we take the time to look at your goals and challenges to deliver something both original and powerful. Working together we will engage your audience and outperform your competitors giving your business the edge to succeed.

We are full-service and fully committed

Who are Kaizen Studio?

We are a collective of design and marketing experts based in the East and West Midlands dedicated to giving you the resources needed to succeed. We are a full-service design and marketing agency, meaning we take care of all of your design and marketing needs, creating full visibility over your brand and business ensuring efficiency and consistency with the solutions you need - see us as an extension of your team.


Continuous improvement

Here at Kaizen Studio we are obsessed with improvement, so we have adapted the Japanese-originated concept of ‘Kaizen’ which translates to ‘Continuous Improvement’. We apply this ideology to our approach by creating solutions for your business that gains momentum towards continuous results. We do this by consulting with you every step of the way for clarity and understanding throughout the whole process. This way you’re never left in the dark!

Formula k

The 5 Step Process

Our formula is based on the 5 step process of Kaizen, this allows us to not only get the maximum results but also promotes continuous improvement and growth for your business.

1. Sort

Analysis of the 5 key areas for your business, keeping what works and removing what doesn’t

2. Set

Optimisation of the 5 key areas, creating a strategy to build, repair and develop these areas

3. Shine

Delivery of strategy and associated assets to strengthen 5 key areas, allowing your business to shine

4. Standardise

Application of standardised procedures to ensure continuous growth and improvement

5. Sustain

Implement the strategy, assets and procedures across the entire business, reinforcing the improvement movement

We make design and marketing more accessible

We believe that every business deserves access to design and marketing, with 99% of small businesses making up the marketplace, competition is high and so is the standard. So what are you doing to stand out? 


Investing in the right design and marketing will tell your story, breathe life in to your brand, engage your audience, create leads, convert customers and bring results - allowing you to rise above the rest. Let us help you, get a retainer or start a project with us today!


Double your budget with a monthly retainer

Monthly retainers allows you to optimise your budget with the addition of getting prioritised within our schedule. Simply pick the amount of hours you would like to use a month, have a consultation and then receive your goods. With a saving of up to 53% compared to our competitors, our retainers allow your budget to go twice as far for double the impact!


Feeling more flexible? Work with us on a project basis

If you need to work more ad-hoc, we also work on a project basis, allowing you to utilise our services if and when, giving you the flexibility to get what you need when you need it. So whether it’s a logo design, business card or a full multi-channel campaign, let us take care of it!

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Some of our clients

Free consultation

The world of design and marketing is forever changing, making it difficult to understand and pioneer.


We help you to make sense of this evolving world of design and marketing, giving you the support and resource needed to reach your goals. Arrange a free consultation today to see how we can work with you and what we can deliver for your business.