Full-service design and marketing agency based in East & West Midlands delivering solutions to startups, SMEs and large corporations.

Kaizen Studio Limited, Design and Marketing Agency, East & West Midlands UK

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Who are we?

We are a full-service design and marketing agency that enables the original, the different and the ones looking to continuously strive for something big.

Born from the Japanese concept of Kaizen, which means to continuously improve, we aim to provide a service that not just delivers but builds a foundation for the next step and the next, creating a powerful force of momentum towards your business' goals.


Our approach helps to achieve this momentum by having you involved throughout the process, increasing understanding, value and drawing inspiration from both parties, to ensure all that is possible is done to boost your business.


We not only want to give you the tools to succeed, but also the knowledge to use them, improve them and work towards a bigger and better future.

Where did we come from?

Founded by two kindred spirits, Kaizen Studio was formed from a friendship that ignited quicker than a struck match.


Originally working alongside each other in employment, it didn't take long for the two to connect and become friends. Their shared passion for design brought them to the realisation that together they could offer a lot more to the industry with their combined skill so came the agency.

Now working alongside each other on projects they're passionate about, with brands and people that they can connect with and be inspired by, they aim to bring value and authenticity to the creative industry.


Whether it is something from themselves, the Kaizen Studio team or their trusted partners, quality, value and impact are the cornerstones of the Kaizen vision.