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Brand Strategy, Design & Development

Branding that turns your story in to a best-seller.

Create a brand that tells your story, in your own way, helping you engage your customers and outperform your competitors.

What exactly is a brand though?

The first thought for a lot of people is that a brand is a business’ logo, name or colour palette. Whilst these are features of a brand identity, they’re certainly not a brand, so what is then?


A brand is the perception of your business in the eyes of your customers, so every single touch point and experience that your customer has with your business is your brand. 


So whether it’s your logo, social media, website, adverts, your facilities, how the receptionist answers the phone and so on, they all create a perception of your business. This is your brand.


Brand = Perceived experience of your business

Branding = Process of creating a brand through strategy, design and development

Brand Strategy = Long-term plan to impose and develop your brand

Brand Identity = Visual components of a brand

Is branding needed?

If you don’t define yourself, someone else will (and it might not be pretty). So it is your responsibility to tell your side of the tale, leave no room for assumption. How? By nailing your brand.


The process of branding is creating a brand through strategy, design and development. This process will unearth the roots of your business, allowing you to define yourself in your marketplace and to your customers. 


Ultimately you want your customers to perceive the correct messages, imagery, tone and values of your business. If they don’t, then they aren’t going to understand or believe in your brand, which will make them not-customers. No customers = no sales.


We provide services to deliver brand strategies and identities that reflect a business’ true values and sells their story in return for better customers and success. 

Your brand will naturally be born from your business’ vision, mission and values so if you have these refined then you are well on your way to having a killer brand!


However, it is then using this information, details of your target audience, your competitors and the marketplace to create a brand identity and strategy that will really set you apart. 


A well-designed identity and a properly formulated strategy gives your brand consistency and the ability to tell your story in your own way creating engagement and trust with your customers, giving them a brand that they want to truly associate with.


So here is a little checklist for creating a successful brand:


  • Define vision, mission and values for your business

  • Identify your USP (unique selling proposition)

  • Research your target audience and competitors

  • Analyse information to create a brand strategy

  • Design and develop brand identity to reflect analysis and strategy

  • Combine brand with sales and marketing

  • Stay consistent!


Talk to us today to get the formula for creating a brand that will engage your customers and stomp out your competition.

How to create a successful brand

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Stand out from the crowds with a brand identity that engages your customers.

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Give your business a boost in the right direction by developing your brand.


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