Full-service design and marketing agency based in East & West Midlands delivering solutions to startups, SMEs and large corporations.

Kaizen Studio Limited, Design and Marketing Agency, East & West Midlands UK

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Monthly Design & Marketing Retainers

Reach new heights with continuous support.


Get the resource and support that your business needs to make continuous growth, month after month. 

Powerful Extension For Your Business

Do you want to build an empire or just pay the bills?

We understand the problems of your business, you have an ongoing need for design and marketing to enable you to be at the forefront of your industry but you want to maximise your budget and spend.

Our monthly retainers provide a solution to this issue, covering all your design and marketing needs, whilst optimising the way you spend your budget. It's a win-win.

Imagine how different your business life could be if you dominated your industry. We work with you to provide ongoing support to help you standout from your competitors and bring this vision to reality.

Save up to 53% a month.

Do you want to get the most out of your money?

We make design and marketing more accessible to business's by offering cost-effective solutions  that make a massive impact, creating real results whilst building brand awareness for you at the same time.

By investing in to good design and marketing from the start, it sets you off on the right foot, it also prevents you from having to get things re-done, saving you money not only in the short-term but also in this exciting future that you are creating.

We pride ourselves on having transparent pricing that isn't inflated by unnecessary expenses, huge overheads or hidden fees, and that is why our prices are up to 53% cheaper than the UK's average hourly design agency rate (WOW Benchpress 2018).

Invest in your future and get design and marketing solutions that make you standout from your competitors.

Continuous Improvement

Do you ever wish you had a team of experts that you could you refer to and work alongside to create long-term success? 

At Kaizen Studio, our ethos is focused on continuous improvement, creating success that just keep on growing.

Whatever your business objectives are for the next 3, 6 or 12+ months, they will need design and marketing to ensure success, whether it's brand awareness, targeting new customers, a new direction or product etc. Without it, your product or service might not get the recognition it deserves.

With our monthly retainers, you can take advantage of our expertise to help your business achieve it's goals. We have regular planning meetings to maintain the growth and make sure targets keep getting smashed. 

You will be able to strive towards these goals with constant guidance and support throughout, as we work as an extension of your business as we work closely together throughout.


Monthly Design & Marketing Packages

5% Discount


1x Planning meeting


10 Hours access to services


Monthly Retainer
ONLY £456

10% Discount


1x Planning meeting


20 Hours access to services


Monthly Retainer
ONLY £864

15% Discount


1x Planning meeting


30 Hours access to services


Monthly Retainer
ONLY £1224

Free consultation

Arrange a free consultation to see how we can start creating momentum in your business and make standout from your competitors.