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Kaizen Studio Limited, Design and Marketing Agency, East & West Midlands UK

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Branding is the visual identity of your business, with a brand that is designed effectively your customers will be more likely to trust and consider your services from first impressions. We create branding that is not only eye-catching but is based on the values of your business and aimed to capture the attention of your target market for maximum impact.


Visual Identity  Corporate Stationery  Signage

Web Design

Web design including the likes of website design and digital advertising are a must in today's world, any business not utilising these channels will fall behind and struggle to out-perform their competitors. Using the latest technologies and best practices, we optimise all of our projects to allow for the best performance of targeting your customers.


Websites  Digital Adverts  Retarget Adverts

Video & Motion

In this day and age, the attention span of your audience is the shortest it has probably ever been, so your content needs to be engaging and video and motion does just that. The emotive power of this medium means that your viewers will be captivated from the start and it’s known that businesses get up to 66% more qualified leads from using video & motion.

Promo Videos Social Posts  ‘How-to’ Videos

Print Design

Despite what people say, print isn't dead! We can provide a wide-range of print design including popular choices such as, posters, brochures, leaflets and even outdoor advertising but can provide more bespoke solutions when necessary. Working with local commercial printers, we like to ensure that print products are of the highest quality all the way from the stock to the printing process.


Posters  Brochures  Leaflets  Outdoor Advertising & more

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a must-have for businesses nowadays and is a perfect place to target both new and existing customers with daily updates and as an additional channel for your marketing campaigns. At Kaizen Studio we can provide consultation, coaching and management so whether you're a rookie or a pro we can help you to boost your engagement with strategies and content.


Daily Posts  Video Posts  Promoted Adverts  Campaigns


We specialise in a range of copywriting services, including SEO articles, website copy, press releases, brochures and much more. If you’re looking for informative and engaging copy that will help you grow your audience, showcase your expertise and drive sales, then you’re in luck… it’s at the core of what we do. That’s why our clients turn to us time and time again when they need memorable copy for their projects.

Website copy Blog content Brochures Press releases